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1st Place
Rating: 5 star
Voters: 6137

Hallmark Prepaid Card

The Hallmark prepaid card is a co-branded card which is funded by you and is able to provide free marketing for businesses or individuals through the use of a customized image of logo. There are no activation fees, instant approval and top quality customer service when you choose to sign up for a Hallmark Prepaid Card.

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2nd Place
Ink Plus
Rating: 5 star
Voters: 5953

Ink Plus Business Card

The Ink Plus Business Card will provide you with the flexibility of cash flow that allows you to choose to either pay off your purchases right away or over time. You will also earn 5 times points for each dollar that you spend on the first $50,000 that you spend each year on purchases on cell phones, landlines phones, and cable TV, Internet and office supplies. You will also receive free cards for your employees and 0% APR for the first six months with the Ink Plus Business Card.

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3rd Place
Prepaid3 Business Card
Rating: 5 star
Voters: 5791

Prepaid 3 Business Card

With the Prepaid 3 Business Card you will receive numerous benefits such as an embossed 16 digit card number which proudly displays your choice of image such as your company logo. You will also receive other benefits such as a customized program which is inspired by the needs of your business when you choose to use the Prepaid3 Business Credit Card.

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